A La Carte: Bernie & Betty’s keeps the pizzas coming with new owner – The State Journal

BERNIE BETTY’S PIZZA has a new owner, but that’s the only change expected at the beloved pizzeria that has operated in Springfield for six decades.

“I found out Bernie Betty’s was up for sale and everything just felt right,” said Deborah Kelley, who took over the pizzeria July 17.

The retired state worker said all the staff has agreed to stay on and no changes are planned.

“They’ve been here forever so nothing’s changing. If anything, I’m trying to keep it going the way it was,” Kelley said. “It’s got a good following. I’d be crazy to change

More Info Here from Source: http://www.sj-r.com/news/20180803/la-carte-bernie-amp-bettys-keeps-pizzas-coming-with-new-owner

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