Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza Coupons

The key to a delicious pizza is a mix of fresh and high quality ingredients that you can taste in every bite. Most of us have our own favorite pizza brands and we call it our favorite because there is something in their pizza that we are always craving for. Our craving sometimes can let us spend unreasonable amounts for food. But thanks to Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza Coupons, we can satisfy our craving at a reasonable price.

Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza Specialties

Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizzas are known for their “old world art of making pizza in a coal-fired oven.” They serve lunch and dinner. Some recipes in their menu are served only during lunch while there are also which are served the whole day. When you happen to visit them during lunch, you have the option to order Anthony’s Favorite pizza which is a combination of mozzarella, prosciutto, vine ripe tomatoes and arugula, or order some of those Coal Oven sandwiches. They also offer Lunch-Size Pizza and Lunch-Size Specialty Pizza. Those which are served whole day everyday are the Traditional Pies and Specialty Pies from 12″-small to 16″-large. Their specialty pies are White-Pizza Ricotta, Eggplant Marino, Meatballs, and Ricotta, among others. They also serve salads and Coal Oven sandwiches all day. There are a lot of recipes in their menu and you will be glad to try some. Just make sure to use one of those Coupons for Anthony Coal Fired Pizza.

Getting to know Anthony Coal Fired Pizza

The success story of this pizza house all began in 2002, when its founder Anthony Bruno conceptualized the introduction of coal-fired pizza to south Florida. His unique pizza became so popular that it prompted them to open in other locations in South, West, and Central Florida. It has even branched out to Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey markets. The customers keep on coming to their restaurants to taste their unique oven-baked pizzas which provide a “well-done” flavor. Never underestimate the use of Anthony Coal Fired Pizza Coupons Printable when you want to order from them. It can help you pay for the additional toppings.

Anthony Coal Fired Pizza Coupons

Their official Web Site ( will help you find one of the many Anthony Coal Fired Pizza Coupon Codes. Also, you can become a fan of anthonyscoalfiredpizza on Facebook and Twitter and get the latest news on recipes or promos.

Product Review

The pizzas are great. It has a unique taste being baked in coal-fired oven. To sum it up, it has an awesome ambiance, customer-friendly service, and great-tasting must-try pizzas. So print one those Anthony Coal Fired Pizza Online Coupons now and satisfy your craving for Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.

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