Cicis Pizza Coupons

What made Cici Pizza a multi-awarded Pizza restaurant? That will remain a secret unless you give it a try. There are available Cici Pizza Coupons which you can use when you like to visit them and try their award-winning pizzas. Judge for yourself whether they deserve their awards or not.

Cicis Pizza Specialties

At Cici’s, buffets are endless. They offer pasta, fresh vegetable salads, desserts, and a good selection of specialty pizzas. Their appetizing food in their menu contains 0 grams of trans-fat, something that they can be proud of. Their pizzas have three main ingredients; Crispy Crust, vine-ripened tomato or white sauce, and whole-milk mozzarella cheese. Famous at Cici’s are the Thin Crust Italiano, Zesty Veggie, Pepperoni, Ham and Pineapple, and the Spinach Alfredo. There’s actually a lot of other specialty pizzas in their menu. You can try all of them, given a limited budget if you use Cici Pizza Coupon Codes which could give you quite a good deal.

Getting to know Cici Pizza

The first of the many Cici Pizza restaurants opened in Plano, Texas in 1985 through the ingenuity of Joe Croce who envisioned to "create a family-oriented restaurant that serves hot, fresh pizza at affordable prices in a buffet setting." There are about 600 Cici Pizza restaurants now located in the eastern and midwestern United States. Cici Pizza garnered several awards and even made it to the March 2009 Men’s Health List of America’s Healthiest and Best Restaurants.

Cici Pizza Coupons

Coupons for Cici Pizza are available in print and online. You can visit their Web site at, select the location nearest to you, and then see the available coupons applicable to that Cici Pizza location. There are even Cici Pizza Coupons Printable on their site, so you better check it out.

Product Review

Most of the promos and deals of Cicis Pizza are online, so better take advantage of Cici Pizza Online Coupons before ordering. You will surely be satisfied by what you can buy with your little budget for pasta, salad, dessert, and pizzas which are food that can give you the highest level of satisfaction.

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