Glass Nickel Pizza Coupons

You can eat pizza and save the environment. All thanks to Glass Nickel Pizza, a pizza restaurant that promotes environmentalism through the use of waste vegetable oil in operating their vehicles. Glass Nickel Pizza not only promotes environmentalism but also offers high quality and delicious pizza at a price customers can afford, especially if you take advantage of Coupons for Glass Nickel Pizza.

Glass Nickel Pizza Specialties

Glass Nickel Pizza serves pizza in hand-tossed, thin, super thin, and thick crusts. Available sizes are 10", 14", and 16". There are different Glass Nickel Pizza Coupon Codes for each of the sizes. Their bestseller is the Fetalicious which has spinach and feta cheese. Other famous specialty pizza in their menu are the Border-to-Border with hot and spicy sauce blended with House Blend Cheese; Cardiac Arrest which is a meaty pizza with pepperoni, bacon, ham, sausage and cheese; and the The Tailgator which has Dijon Mustard-Sauerkraut Sauce, Bratwurst and Kraut, and other spices. Not only do they serve pizza but also pasta, salad, fish and shrimp, Chicken & Wings, and desserts. These mouthwatering choices of food can be availed at a very affordable price when you use Glass Nickel Pizza Coupons Printable upon purchasing.

Getting to know Glass Nickel Pizza

In 1997, Tim Nicholson and Brian Glassel founded Glass Nickel Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin. They are both Madison residents who have a passion for fresh and delicious food. Their passion, combined with their work experiences in pizza restaurants, helps them put up the Glass Nickel Pizza. From their original store in the east side of Madison, they now have other locations mostly located in the Madison area.

The owners of Glass Nickel Pizza attribute their growth to great crew and customer loyalty. In return, they serve their customers with great food and great value for their money through the use of Glass Nickel Pizza Coupons and other deals and promos.

Glass Nickel Pizza Coupons

If you really want to avail of the many Glass Nickel Pizza deals, go online and check their Web site at where there are Glass Nickel Pizza Online Coupons. You can also sign up for Pizzamail to receive the latest news and promos from Glass Nickel’s in your email.

Product Review

Glass Nickel Pizza has been voted as Madison’s Favorite Pizza by Isthmus Magazines from 1999 to 2007. Truly, this restaurant deserves this award because of their environment-friendly efforts and amazing food specially the pizzas with a plethora of toppings that can surely impress your palate.