Papa Johns Pizza Coupons

The slogan for Papa Johns is "Better Ingredients. Better pizza." And that is what they serve their customers. Papa Johns became the third largest pizza chain in the United States, thanks to their customers who are continuously patronizing them. In return, they are giving away Coupons for Papa Johns as their means of valuing their customers.

Papa Johns Specialties

In Papa Johns, customers can create their own pizza with three choices for toppings: healthy meat, fresh vegetables, and cheese. You can also just order from their menu which contains several pizza choices. Commonly ordered are the John’s Favorite which is the Papa John’s founder’s favorite pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, and six cheeses with a special blend of Italian seasonings, Spinach Alfredo, The Works, Garden Fresh, and Tuscan Six Cheese. Papa John’s also serves chicken wings in four different flavors, bread and cheese sticks and desserts. Their use of 100% mozzarella cheese is one of their secrets in making mouth-watering and delectable pizzas. All these can be yours at a very good deal if you will use Papa Johns Coupon Codes.

Getting to know Papa Johns

Papa Johns was founded by John Schnatter. His dream of putting up a pizza house with superior quality pizza started when he was still in high school. In 1983, at age 22, he was able to purchase used restaurant equipment at $1,600 and began delivering pizza out of the back of his father’s bar. It was in 1984 when the first Papa John’s restaurant was formally opened and it continued to grow until now. Today, it has over 3,500 locations in 50 U.S. states and 29 countries.

Papa Johns Coupons

You can find some good deals for Papa Johns online. You can register and sign up on their Web site to receive news, promos, and Papa Johns Online Coupons in your email. If you check their Web site ( from time to time, you might also be able to get online coupons. Follow Papa Johns in Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you might be able to get Papa Johns Coupons Printable which they are giving away for their followers. Another option is to enroll in Papa Rewards for a chance to win FREE pizza.

Product Review

Papa Johns pizza is one of the best in the neighborhood. Try it once and surely you will keep coming back for more. Good thing there is Papa Johns Coupons. Regardless of how many times you come back, it will all be worth it – best pizza, at a low, low price.