Brides get the chance to carry a pizza bouquet instead of flowers

Couples can now celebrate both their love for each other and their love of pizza on their wedding day. Pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen is offering pizza-loving brides a chance to win a pizza bouquet to carry down the aisle on their big day.

The chain gave anyone interested in the non-traditional floral arrangements a chance to enter and win on its website. Unfortunately, submissions are now closed, but the company will soon randomly select a limited amount of winners to carry the saucy, hand-crafted bouquets down the aisle.


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Father’s Day 2018: Best Sales and Food Deals to Celebrate Your Dad

Calling all last-minute shoppers and planners: There’s plenty of time to decide what to get your dad this Sunday for Father’s Day. The annual holiday, which is celebrated in more than 40 countries, honors fathers and the bonds they have with their children and their communities.

Father’s Day is celebrated on a number of dates worldwide, but many countries—including the United States—celebrate the day on the third Sunday of June. This year, Father’s Day lands on June 17. In recognition of Father’s Day, brands across the U.S. have announced special discounts and food deals.