Pizza Fusion Coupons

One would think that when you have dairy and gluten allergies, you will never have a chance to taste a mouth-watering pizza. But at Pizza Fusion, everything is possible. They serve gluten-free crust with dairy-free cheeses plus a lot more recipes to choose from for those with no allergies whatsoever. Get hold now of one of their Pizza Fusion Coupons and invite your family and friends to dine-in or order pizza at Pizza Fusion.

Pizza Fusion Specialties

When visiting Pizza Fusion restaurant, don’t miss to try The Founder’s Pie which is a good combination of healthy ingredients like the free-range chicken, olives, onion, and organic tomato topped with three cheeses. Another must-try is the Big Kahuna which is a Hawaiian-style pizza with organic pineapple, spices and three cheeses. For vegetarians, there is a special pizza for them called Very Vegan that even meat lovers would love to order. You can also check out the other items on their menu like the Traditional Cheese, Bruschetta, Farmers Market, Greek, Sausage & Tricolor Peppers, Spinach & Artichoke, and many others.

For healthier options, you can opt to create your own pizza. You can choose the healthier vegan soy cheese, original organic white or multigrain crust, gluten-free crust, vegan crust, and meats which are hormone and preservative free.

Eating healthy does not necessarily mean expensive choices for food. At Pizza Fusion, they offer pizzas at affordable and customer-friendly prices especially when you use Pizza Fusion Coupon Codes.

Getting to know Pizza Fusion

Michael Gordon and Vaughan Lazar founded Pizza Fusion in 2006 with its main office at Deerfield Beach, Florida. It specializes in oval-shaped pizzas made from fresh, organic and healthy ingredients. It now has 13 locations in different states including California, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, and Ohio. It has also overseas locations in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Pizza Fusion operates with a tagline "Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time." And true to its commitment, they use techniques like green construction materials, 100% post-consumer paper products, countertops made from recycled detergent bottles, and many other environment-friendly techniques to help "save the earth."

For every purchase at Pizza Fusion, you can contribute to their earth-conservation efforts. You can also get a copy of Pizza Fusion Coupons Printable if you like to have some savings on your purchases.

Pizza Fusion Coupons

If you have time, please check out before calling in for a delivery or dining in at any Pizza Fusion location. You can also get some Pizza Fusion Online Coupons on their Web site. You can follow them on Twitter (pizzafusion), Myspace (pizzafusion), and Facebook (Pizza-Fusion). If you like to receive news and deals directly on your email, you can also join their email club for free. They will also be sending you any available Pizza Fusion Coupons from time to time.

Product Review

Pizza Fusion restaurants are simple and clean with a friendly service crew. Pizza Fusion restaurants are a good place to be if you are looking for some organic, healthy and delicious foods.